Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Deployment Planning Guide

Understanding Your Existing Network

You need to understand your existing network infrastructure to determine how well it can meet the needs of your deployment goals. By examining your existing infrastructure, you identify if you need to upgrade existing network components or purchase new network components. You should build up a complete map of the existing network by covering these areas:

  1. Physical communication links, such as cable length, grade, and so forth

  2. Communication links, such as analog, ISDN, VPN, T3, and so forth, and available bandwidth and latency between sites

  3. Server information, including:

    • Host names

    • IP addresses

    • Domain Name System (DNS) server for domain membership

  4. Locations of devices on your network, including:

    • Hubs

    • Switches

    • Modems

    • Routers and bridges

    • Proxy servers

  5. Number of users at each site, including mobile users

After completing this inventory, you need to review that information in conjunction with your project goals to determine what changes are required so that you can successfully deliver the deployment.