Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Deployment Planning Guide

Internal Network

The segments that remain make up your internal network segments. These segments house users’ machines or departmental workstations. These machines request information from hosts residing on the intranet. Development, lab, and test network segments are also included in this list. Use a firewall between each internal network segment to filter traffic to provide additional security between departments. Identify the type of internal network traffic and services used on each of these segments to determine if an internal firewall would be beneficial.

Machines on internal networks should not communicate directly with machines on the Internet. Preferably, these machines avoid direct communication with machines in the DMZ. Ultimately, the services they require should reside on hosts in the intranet. A host on the intranet can in turn communicate with a host in the DMZ to complete a service (such as outbound email or DNS). This indirect communication is acceptable.