Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Deployment Planning Guide

Proxy Hosts

Only the machines directly communicating with machines on the Internet should reside in the DMZ. If users require Internet access, though, this creates a problem based on your previous topology decisions. In this situation, proxies become helpful. Place a proxy on an internal network segment, or, better yet, an intranet segment. A machine requiring access to the Internet can pass its request onto the proxy, which in turn makes the request on the machine’s behalf. This relay out to the Internet helps shield the machine from any potential danger it might encounter.

Because the proxy communicates directly with machines on the Internet, it should reside in the DMZ. However, this conflicts with the desire to prevent internal machines from directly communicating with DMZ machines. To keep this communication indirect, use a double proxy system. A second proxy residing in the intranet passes connection requests of the internal machines to the proxy in the DMZ, which in turn makes the actual connection out on the Internet.