Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Deployment Planning Guide

LDAP Schema 2 (Native Mode) and Calendar Server

Schema 2 is a set of provisioning definitions that describes the types of information that can be stored as entries by using the Directory Server LDAP.

The native mode uses search templates to search the LDAP directory server. Once the domain is found by using the domain search template, the user or group search templates are used to find a specific user or group.

You should use native mode if you are installing Communications Suite for the first time and you do not have other applications on your machine that are dependent on a two-tree provisioning model. You should also use this mode if you want to install other products in the Java Enterprise System product suite.

If you have an existing Communications Suite 5.x installation that uses Schema 1, and you want to integrate Communications Suite with other Java Enterprise Server products, you should migrate your directory to Schema 2 after you upgrade to Communications Suite 6. Refer to the Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Schema Migration Guide for information on how to migrate from LDAP Schema version 1 to LDAP Schema version 2.

Note –

Schema 2 Native Mode is the recommended provisioning model for all Sun Java System products in the Java Enterprise System product suite.

LDAP Schema 2 and Calendar Server Supported Provisioning Tools

Schema 2 supports Sun Java System Delegated Administrator. For more information, see Understanding Provisioning Tools.