Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Deployment Planning Guide

Understanding Calendar Server Provisioning Tools

Through supported Calendar Server provisioning tools, you can query, modify, add, or delete user, group, and domain entry information in your LDAP directory. This section examines these Calendar Server provisioning tools.

In addition to the questions asked in Deciding Which Schema to Use for Calendar Server, you should use Table 8–2 to evaluate your schema and provisioning tool options.

Note –

Prior to installing and configuring Calendar Server, you need to decide upon a schema model and tool or tools for provisioning your Calendar Server entries.

The following sections provide high-level information about the supported provisioning tools:

LDAP Provisioning Tools for Calendar Server

Schema 1 users and groups can be provisioned using the LDAP Directory tools (Schema 2 is not supported). You can directly provision users and groups by adding, removing, and modifying the LDIF records through LDAP without having to use a user interface.

Delegated Administrator and Calendar Server

Access Manager uses Schema 2. Because the Sun Java System component products in the Java Enterprise System product suite use Schema 2, use Delegated Administrator 6.4. This should particularly be the case if you are using more than one Java Enterprise System product, or if you are performing a brand new installation of Calendar Server.

See the Sun Java System Delegated Administrator 6.4 Administration Guide for installation details.

Comparing Calendar Server Provisioning Tool Options

The following table shows the various supported schema, provisioning tools, provisioning limitations, and recommended documentation for additional information.

Table 8–2 Calendar Server Provisioning Mechanisms

Supported Provisioning Tool  

Provisioning Tool Functionality  

Provisioning Tool Limitations  

For Further Information  

LDAP Provisioning Tools

Uses: Schema 1 

Provides tools to directly modify LDAP entries or for creating custom provisioning tools. 

Incompatible with Sun Schema 2 and with other Java Enterprise System products. 

Read the iPlanet Messaging Server 5.2 Provisioning Guide and the iPlanet Messaging and Collaboration Schema Reference.

Describes the Sun LDAP Schema 1 provisioning model. 

In addition, these guides explain how to use LDAP provisioning tools and the usage of specific attributes and object classes. 

Delegated Administrator

Uses: Schema 2 

Provides graphical and command-line interfaces for administrators to manage users, groups, domains, and resources. 

Compatible with other Java Enterprise System products. 

  • Not backwardly compatible with Sun Schema 1.

  • Sun Java System Access Manager must be installed to enable this interface.

Read the Sun Java System Delegated Administrator 6.4 Administration Guide.

Provides syntax and usage for the command-line utility.