Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Deployment Planning Guide

LDAP Attributes Affected by Delays

If the delay in updating the slave directory servers is short (only a few seconds), clients might not experience a problem. However, if the delay is longer (minutes or hours), clients will display inaccurate LDAP data for the length of the delay.

The following table lists the LDAP attributes that are affected by a delay in a master/slave LDAP server configuration where Calendar Server accesses the master LDAP directory server through a slave LDAP directory server.

Table 18–1 Calendar Server LDAP Attributes Affected by Delays


LDAP Attributes Affected  

Auto provisioning 

icsCalendar, icsSubscribed, icsCalendarOwned, icsDWPHost

Calendar groups 


Calendar creation 

icsCalendarOwned, icsSubscribed

Calendar subscription 


User options 

icsExtendedUserPrefs, icsFirstDay, icsTimeZone, icsFreeBusy

Calendar searches 


To ensure that your end uses have the most recent LDAP data, configure the LDAP data cache as described in the following section, Resolving the Master-Slave Delay Problem.