Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Deployment Planning Guide

Portal Server

(Optional) Portal Server supports message archiving, and enables you to run Instant Messaging in secure mode. In addition, the Instant Messenger client is made available to end users through the Portal Server desktop. The following two Portal Server components provide additional functionality:

Portal Server Desktop

Instant Messenger installed in the Portal Server environment can be launched from the Instant Messaging channel available to end users on Portal Server Desktop.

Secure Remote Access

Secure Remote Access enables remote end users to securely access their organization’s network and its services over the Internet. The end user can access Secure Remote Access by logging into the web-based Portal Server Desktop through the portal gateway. The authentication module configured for Portal Server authenticates the end user. The end-user session is established with Portal Server and the access is enabled to the end user’s Portal Server Desktop.

In the Portal Server environment, you can configure Instant Messenger in either secure or non-secure mode. In secure mode, communication is encrypted through the Portal Server Netlet. When you access Instant Messenger in secure mode, a lock icon appears in the Status area of the Instant Messenger application. In non-secure mode, the Instant Messenger session is not encrypted. For more information on Netlet, see the Portal Server documentation: