Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Deployment Planning Guide

Designing Your Calendar Server Deployment

The deployment process consists of the following general phases, referred to as the Solution Life Cycle:

The deployment phases are not rigid: the deployment process is iterative in nature.

Objectives of Your Calendar Server Deployment

Before you begin your Calendar Server deployment planning, a good question to ask is:

Why is my organization deploying Calendar Server?

Several reasons to consider are:

Calendar Server Deployment Team

Deploying Calendar Server usually involves a number of people, each with different roles and responsibilities. In a small organization, one person might perform several roles. Some of the roles to consider are:

Calendar Server End Users

End users can connect to Calendar Server by using the Communications Express web client, or Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook.

Questions about end users at your site include:

Expected Calendar Server End User Performance

What are your specific performance requirements for your end users? For example:

What configuration do you plan to use for your deployment? Calendar Server configuration scenarios include:

If you plan to configure multiple front-end servers, how do you plan to distribute your end users?

If you plan to configure multiple back-end database servers, how do you plan to distribute your database? For example, you could distribute servers geographically.

What plans do you have for growth? For both front-end and back-end servers?