Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Deployment Planning Guide

Password-Protected Personal Stores in Outlook

Outlook users can assign passwords to their Personal Folders (.pst) files, but the Sun Java System Connector Setup Wizard needs to open and modify these files in order to convert them for use with the new Connector software and the Sun Java System server. Your end users will therefore have to provide the passwords for any .pst files that they want to convert.

The Setup Wizard will automatically prompt users for the necessary passwords as they are needed, but obviously this will require user involvement that makes a Silent Mode setup impossible. If it is important for you to run the Setup Wizard in Silent Mode, users can be instructed to remove all such passwords during the conversion, or simply let the Wizard run with the passwords in place. If the Setup Wizard runs in Silent Mode and encounters a password-protected file, it will not convert the file, and will report that not all files were converted. Depending on the settings in your administrator's Deployment Configuration tool, the Setup Wizard may also log the event as an error.