Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Deployment Planning Guide

New User IDs and Passwords for Sun Java System Servers

Most network systems are designed to prevent people from discovering user passwords, and this is particularly true of Microsoft Exchange. These security safeguards make it impossible to automatically retain users' existing passwords as they migrate from the old server to the new.

Meanwhile, many organizations prefer to standardize the form of their Internet addresses, or to combine domains during their migration to Communications Suite. An organization must therefore decide, in advance, how account names and Internet addresses will be derived, and how users' new passwords will be assigned.

The network administrator must also devise a method for communicating these user credentials to both the users and the corporate help desk. One common approach is simply to prepare an email merge, just prior to a group's migration, so that each member of the migrating group receives his or her credentials independently, and just in time for the group's first logins to the new server.