Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.2 Installation Guide

Using Solaris 10 Zones for Application Server Installation

If you are installing on a Solaris 10 system, you can use the Solaris 10 Zones facility.

By default, every Solaris 10 host contains a single global zone. The global zone is both the default zone for the host and the zone used for system-wide administrative control. You can also create non-global zones. One or more applications can run in a non-global zone without interacting with the rest of the host. Each non-global zone has its own instance of an installed Solaris 10 operating system with configuration and other information unique to that non-global zone.

Use these zones (also known as Solaris containers) to create virtualized operating system environments within an instance of Solaris OS. The zones allow one or more processes to run in isolation from other activities on the host. For example, a process running in a zone is only able to send signals to other processes in the same zone, regardless of user ID and other credential information.

You can install the Application Server in the global zone or in a non-global zone.