Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.2 Developer's Guide

Configuring HTML Error Pages

To specify an error page (or URL to an error page) to be displayed to the end user, use the error-url attribute of the sun-web-app element in the sun-web.xml file. For example:

<sun-web-app error-url="webserver-install-dir/error/error1.html">
... subelements ...

For details, see sun-web-app.

If the error-url attribute is specified, it overrides all other mechanisms configured for error reporting.

Note –

This attribute should not point to a URL on the Application Server instance, because the error-url cannot be loaded if the server is down. Instead, specify a URL that points to a location on the web server.

The Application Server provides the following options for specifying the error page.

The error page is displayed according to the following rules: