Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.2 Upgrade and Migration Guide

ProcedureTo Upgrade a Node Agent from Application Server 7.x EE

Server instances that participate in the cluster and that run on a machine that does not have DAS running on it, are created with a node agent named <host-name>-<domain-name>, where the host-name is the name given in the clinstance.conf file for that particular instance and the domain-name is the name to which this cluster belongs.

After the upgrade process has been completed on the DAS, install Application Server 8.2 on the other machines where clustered instances need to run.

  1. Copy the node-agent directory from DAS machine to client machine underinstall-dir/nodeagents/. For example, if your DAS is installed on HostA and client machine name is HostB, the upgrade process would have created a node agent named HostB_<domain_name> as the node agent for HostB. Therefore, copyHostB_<domain_name> from HostA<AS82_install_dir>/nodeagents/HostB_<domain_name> directory to HostB<AS82_install_dir>/nodeagents. After copying, delete the copied node agent directory under HostA.

  2. Start the DAS.

  3. Start the node agent named HostB_<domain_name> on HostB. The node agent with rendezvous with the DAS and the remote instances are created in HostBand the deployed applications are copied over.