Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.2 Upgrade and Migration Guide

ProcedureTo Upgrade a Node Agent from Application Server 8.1 EE

If you are performing an in-place upgrade , you do not have to upgrade the node agents. The same node-agent directory can be used with the upgraded binaries. If you are performing a side-by-side upgrade , perform the following steps:

  1. Install Application Server 8.2 EE on Machine B in /opt/SUNWappserver8.2 with the default node agent.

  2. Perform a side-by-side upgrade from the install location of Application Server 8.1 EE.

  3. Install Application Server 8.2 EE on Machine B which has a node agent with remote instances referring to a DAS on machine A. You must install only the node gent on Machine B.

  4. After upgrade, verify the file in Machine A and Machine B for the agent.adminPort property . This file must reflect the same value as that of the jmx-connector port in the corresponding node-agent element of the domain.xml file. If not, edit the file accordingly.

  5. Start the DAS on Machine A.

  6. Start the default node agent on Machine A. It starts up with the instance, instance1. The cluster1 cluster is partially started after this step.

  7. On Machine B, start up the default node agent of that remote instance.

  8. You can check the upgraded elements by running the asadmin commands,list-node-agents(1), list-clusters(1), list-instances(1).