Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.2 High Availability Administration Guide

Configuring Availability for the Web Container

To enable and configure web container availability using asadmin, see configure-ha-persistence(1).

Alternatively, use the asadmin set command to set the configuration’s availability-service.web-container-availability.availability-enabled property to true and then configure-ha-persistence to set properties as desired.

For example, use the set command as follows, where config1 is the configuration name:

asadmin set --user admin --passwordfile password.txt 
--host localhost --port 4849 
asadmin configure-ha-persistence --user admin --passwordfile secret.txt 
--type ha 
--frequency web-method 
--scope modified-session 
--store jdbc/hastore 
--property maxSessions=1000:reapIntervalSeconds=60 cluster1

ProcedureTo Enable Availability for the Web Container with Admin Console

  1. In the tree component, select the desired configuration.

  2. Click on Availability Service.

  3. Select the Web Container Availability tab.

    Check the Availability Service box to enable availability. To disable it, uncheck the box.

  4. Change other settings, as described in the following section, Availability Settings

  5. Restart the server instance.

Availability Settings

The Web Container Availability tab of the Availability Service enables you to change these availability settings:

Persistence Type: Specifies the session persistence mechanism for web applications that have availability enabled. Allowed values are memory (no persistence) file (the file system) and ha (HADB).

HADB must be configured and enabled before you can use ha session persistence. For configuration details, see configure-ha-cluster(1).

If web container availability is enabled, the default is ha. Otherwise, the default is memory. For production environments that require session persistence, use ha. The first two types, memory and file persistence, do not provide high availability session persistence.

Persistence Frequency: Specifies how often the session state is stored. Applicable only if the Persistence Type is ha. Allowed values are:

Persistence Scope: Specifies how much of the session object and how often session state is stored. Applicable only if the Persistence Type is ha. Allowed values are as follows:

Single Sign-On State: Check this box to enable persistence of the single sign-on state. To disable it, uncheck the box. For more information, see Using Single Sign-on with Session Failover

HTTP Session Store: You can change the HTTP Session Store if you changed the JDBC resource used for connections to the HADB for session persistence. For details, see configure-ha-cluster(1).