Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.2 Quick Start Guide

ProcedureTo Verify the Application Deployment

This procedure verifies that the application was deployed properly and is accessible on each instance in the cluster.

  1. Type the following URL in your browser:


    Replace the localhost variable with the name of the system on which the Domain Administration Server is running.

    Replace the port variable with the value of HTTP-LISTENER-PORT for i1. This example uses http://localhost:38081/clusterjsp.

  2. Add some session attribute data.

  3. Examine the Session and Host information displayed. For example:

    • Executed From Server: localhost

    • Server Port Number: 38081

    • Executed Server IP Address:

    • Session Created: Day Mon 05 14:55:34 PDT 2005

  4. Add some session data and click the Add to Session button.

  5. Repeat this procedure for instance i2 by typing this URL in your browser:

    http://localhost :38080/clusterjsp

    In this section you deployed an application to a cluster and tested that the application is available on all instances in the cluster.

    Congratulations! You have completed the basic steps in this Quick Start Guide. You can stop the Quick Start here if you do not wish to proceed to the advanced steps.