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Sun Java(TM) System Directory Server 5.2 2005Q1 Installation and Migration Guide 


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Chapter 1   Finding Installation and Upgrade Instructions    
Chapter 2   Overview of Upgrading    
Patch Update or Upgrade?    
Decision to Update or to Upgrade    
Data Service Interruption When Patch Updating on Sun Cluster    
Before You Upgrade    
When Upgrading a Single Server Instance    
Handling a Central Configuration Directory Server    
When Upgrading Multiple Replicated Servers    
The Upgrade and Data Migration Process    
Migration for Specific Attribute Types    
Migrating From Directory Server 4.x    
Migrating From Directory Server 5.x    

Chapter 3   Upgrading and Migrating Data for a Single Directory Server Installation    
Installing the New Server    
(From 4.x) Handling Custom Schema    
Migrating Existing Data    
(From 4.x) Creating Replication Agreements    
(Optional) Reusing the Existing Port Number    

Chapter 4   Migrating a Replicated 4.x Topology    
Preparing the New Master    
Upgrading the Consumers    
Upgrading a Branch    
Adding Additional Servers    
Example 4.x Upgrade Scenario    

Chapter 5   Migrating a Replicated 5.x Topology    
Upgrading 5.x Servers    
Adding Additional Servers    
Example 5.x Upgrade Scenario    

Appendix A   Installing Sun Cluster HA for Directory Server    
Before You Start    
Setting Up Network and File System Resources    
Installing the Servers    
Installing on the Active Node    
Installing on Other Nodes    
Installing the Data Service Packages    
Configuring the Data Service    
Example Registration and Configuration    
Configuring Extension Properties    
What You Can Configure    
How the Fault Monitor Operates    
Creating an Additional Directory Server Instance    


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