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Oracle x86 Server Diagnostics Guide
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About This Documentation (PDF and HTML)

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Diagnostics Guide

Introduction to Diagnostic Tools

About Diagnostic Tools

Diagnostic Tools for Oracle Servers

Using the Diagnostic Tools to Troubleshoot a Server

U-Boot Diagnostic Startup Tests

U-Boot Diagnostic Startup Tests Overview

Running the U-Boot Diagnostic Tests

Sample U-Boot Test Output

Sample SP Environmental Variables Showing U-Boot Test Status

Pc-Check Diagnostics Utility

Pc-Check Diagnostics Overview

Accessing Pc-Check Diagnostics Utility

System Information Menu

Advanced Diagnostics Tests

Immediate Burn-In Testing

Deferred Burn-In Testing

Create Diagnostic Partition

Show Results Summary

Print Results Report

About Pc-Check

Exit to DOS

Accessing the Pc-Check Diagnostics Utility on the Tools and Drivers CD/DVD

How to Access and Run Pc-Check From the Tools and Drivers CD/DVD

How to Access and Run Pc-Check From a USB Device

How to Set Up the Tools and Drivers CD/DVD Image on the PXE Server

How to Access the Tools and Drivers CD/DVD From the Target Server


Related Documentation

For a description of the document set for your x86 Sun Fire or Sun Blade server, see the Getting Started Guide that is packed with your system and also posted on the product’s documentation site. Go to the following URL, then navigate to your product.

Translated versions of some of these documents are available at the web site described above. English documentation is revised more frequently and might be more up-to-date than the translated documentation.