Sun Java System Message Queue 4.2 Installation Guide

Appendix A Command Line Options

Table A–1 shows the command line options that can be specified to the Message Queue 4.2 Installer and Uninstaller.

Table A–1 Installer and Uninstaller Options



-n answerFile

Dry run 

The Installer or Uninstaller will present its sequence of GUI screens (or text screens if the -t option is specified) without performing an actual installation or uninstallation. The user’s actions will be recorded in the specified answer file for later use.


Text mode 

The Installer or Uninstaller will simulate its GUI screens using plain text displayed directly to the terminal window. Keyboard keys (Tab, Return, arrow keys) can be used in place of the mouse to interact with interface elements.


Silent mode 

The Installer or Uninstaller will perform its operations without direct user interaction, under the control of an answer file (specified with the -a option).

-a answerFile

Answer file 

In silent mode (-s option), the contents of the specified answer file will be used to control the operation of the Installer or Uninstaller.


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