Sun Java System Message Queue 4.2 Installation Guide

Uninstalling in GUI Mode

The following procedure shows how to use the Message Queue Uninstaller in GUI mode to uninstall Message Queue 4.2 from your Linux system.

ProcedureTo Uninstall Message Queue in GUI Mode

  1. Set your working directory to the directory containing the Uninstaller.

    From your system’s command line, enter the command

       cd /var/opt/sun/install/contents/mq
  2. Become the root user.

    You must have root user privileges to run the Message Queue Uninstaller. Enter the command


    and provide a valid root user password when prompted to do so.

  3. Start the Uninstaller.

    Enter the command


    The Uninstaller’s Ready screen (Figure 3–12) appears.

    Figure 3–12 Uninstaller Ready Screen

    Screen capture showing Message Queue Uninstaller’s
Ready screen.

  4. Click the Remove button.

    The Uninstaller’s Progress screen (Figure 3–13) appears.

    Figure 3–13 Uninstaller Progress Screen

    Screen capture showing Message Queue Uninstaller’s
Progress screen.

    When uninstallation is complete, the Uninstaller’s Summary screen (Figure 3–14) appears, summarizing the steps that were performed during uninstallation. You can click the links on this screen for a detailed summary report and a log file giving more details on the uninstallation.

    Figure 3–14 Uninstaller Summary Screen

    Screen capture showing Message Queue Uninstaller’s
Summary screen.

  5. Click the Exit button to dismiss the Summary screen.

    Message Queue uninstallation is now complete.