Sun Java System Message Queue 4.2 Installation Guide

Configuring Message Queue for Automatic Startup

To start a Message Queue message broker automatically at Windows system startup, you must define the broker as a Windows service. The broker will then start at system startup time and run in the background until system shutdown. Consequently, you will not need to use the Message Queue Broker utility (imqbrokerd) unless you want to start an additional broker.

To install a broker as a Windows service, use the Message Queue Service Administrator utility:

   imqsvcadmin install

You can use the imqsvcadmin command’s -args option to pass startup arguments to the broker. For more information, see the sections “Automatic Startup on Windows” in Chapter 3, “Starting Brokers and Clients,” and “Service Administrator Utility” in Chapter 13, “Command Line Reference,” of the Message Queue Administration Guide.