Sun Java System Message Queue 4.2 Developer's Guide for Java Clients

Clustered-Broker Auto-Reconnect

Configure your connection-factory objects as follows:

Example 3–5 Example of Command to Configure a Broker Cluster

imqobjmgr add -t cf -l "cn=myConnectionFactory" \
    -o "imqAddressList=mq://myhost1/ssljms, \
            mq://myhost2/ssljms, \
            mq://myhost3/ssljms, \
            mq://myhost4/ssljms” \
    -o "imqReconnect=true" \
    -o "imqReconnectRetries=5" \
    -o "imqAddressListBehavior=RANDOM"
    -j "java.naming.factory.initial = 
    -j "java.naming.provider.url= file:///home/foo/imq_admin_objects"

This command creates a connection factory object with four addresses in the imqAddressList. All the addresses point to jms services running on SSL transport on different hosts. Since the imqAddressListBehavior attribute is set to RANDOM, the client connections that are established using this connection factory object will be distributed randomly among the four brokers in the address list. If you are using a high availability cluster, the RANDOM attribute is ignored.

For a conventional cluster, you must configure one of the brokers in the cluster as the master broker.In the connection-factory address list, you can also specify a subset of all the brokers in the cluster.