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Sun ONE Message Queue 3.5 Java Client Developer's Guide

List of Figures

Figure 1-1 MQ System Architecture
Figure 1-2 JMS Programming Objects
Figure 1-3 Messaging with MDBs
Figure 4-1 Messaging Operations
Figure 4-2 Message Delivery to MQ Client Runtime
Figure 6-1 SOAP Messaging Layers
Figure 6-2 SOAP Interoperability
Figure 6-3 SOAP Message Without Attachments
Figure 6-4 SOAP Message with Attachments
Figure 6-5 SOAP Message Object
Figure 6-6 Request-Reply Messaging
Figure 6-7 One-way Messaging
Figure 6-8 SOAP Fault Element
Figure 6-9 Deferring SOAP Processing
Figure 6-10 Publishing a SOAP Message

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