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Sun ONE Message Queue 3.5 C Client Developer's Guide

List of Tables

Table 1 Book Contents
Table 2 Document Conventions
Table 3 MQ Directory Variable Used by C Clients
Table 4 MQ Documentation Set
Table 1-1 JMS-defined Message Header
Table 1-2 C-API Message Body Types
Table 2-1 Locations of C-API Libraries and Header Files
Table 2-2 Preprocessor Definitions for Supporting MQ Fixed-Size Integer Types
Table 3-1 Functions Used to Set Properties
Table 3-2 Functions Used to Get Message Properties
Table 3-3 Functions Used to Work with Connections
Table 3-4 Functions Used to Work with Sessions
Table 3-5 Functions Used to Work With Destinations
Table 3-6 Functions Used to Construct Messages
Table 3-7 Functions for Sending Messages
Table 3-8 Functions Used to Receive Messages
Table 3-9 Functions Used to Process Messages
Table 3-10 Functions Used in Handling Errors
Table 3-11 Functions Used to Free Memory
Table 3-12 Thread Model for NSPR GLOBAL Threads
Table 3-13 Handles and Concurrency
Table 4-1 MQ C-API Data Type Summary
Table 4-2 Connection Properties
Table 4-3 acknowledgeMode Values
Table 4-4 MQ C-API Function Summary
Table 4-5 Message Header Properties
Table 4-6 Message Header Properties
Table 4-7 MQ C-API Header Files
Table A-1 MQ C Client Error Codes

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