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Sun Java System Message Queue 3.5 SP1 Administration Guide 

List of Figures

Figure 1-1 Centralized vs. Peer to Peer Messaging
Figure 1-2 Message Service Architecture
Figure 1-3 JMS Programming Objects
Figure 1-4 Messaging with MDBs
Figure 2-1 Message Queue System Architecture
Figure 2-2 Broker Service Components
Figure 2-3 Connection Services Support
Figure 2-4 Persistence Manager Support
Figure 2-5 Security Manager Support
Figure 2-6 Monitoring Service Support
Figure 2-7 Multi-Broker (Cluster) Architecture
Figure 2-8 Messaging Operations
Figure 2-9 Message Delivery to Message Queue Client Runtime
Figure 3-1 Local and Remote Administration Utilities
Figure 5-1 Broker Configuration Files
Figure 9-1 Message Delivery Through a Message Queue Service
Figure 9-2 Performance Impact of Delivery Modes
Figure 9-3 Performance Impact of Subscription Types
Figure 9-4 Performance Impact of a Message Size
Figure 9-5 Transport Protocol Speeds
Figure 9-6 Performance Impact of Transport Protocol
Figure 9-7 Effect of Changing inbufsz on a 1k (1024 bytes) Packet
Figure 9-8 Effect of Changing outbufsz on a 1k (1024 bytes) Packet
Figure C-1 HTTP/HTTPS Support Architecture

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