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Sun Java System Message Queue 3.5 SP1 Java Client Developer's Guide 

List of Tables

Table 1 Book Contents
Table 2 Document Conventions
Table 3 Message Queue Directory Variables
Table 4 Message Queue Documentation Set
Table 1-1 JMS-Defined Message Header
Table 1-2 Message Body Types
Table 1-3 JMS Programming Objects
Table 2-1 jar File Locations
Table 2-2 jar Files Needed in CLASSPATH
Table 2-3 Location of Message Queue Executables
Table 2-4 Example Programs
Table 4-1 Message Server Address Schemes and Syntax
Table 4-2 Message Server Address Examples
Table 4-3 Connection Factory Attributes: Connection Handling
Table 4-4 Supported Message Queue 3.0 Connection Handling Attributes
Table 4-5 Connection Factory Attributes: Client Identification
Table 4-6 Connection Factory Attributes: Message Header Overrides
Table 4-7 Connection Factory Attributes: Reliability and Flow Control
Table 4-8 Connection Factory Attributes: Queue Browser Behavior
Table 4-9 Connection Factory Attributes: JMS-defined Properties Support
Table 5-1 Metrics Topic Destinations
Table 5-2 Broker Metrics Message Properties
Table 5-3 Data in the Body of a Broker Metrics Message
Table 5-4 JVM Metrics Message Properties
Table 5-5 Data in the Body of a JVM Metrics Message
Table 5-6 Destination-List Message Properties
Table 5-7 Data in the Body of a Destination-List Metrics Message
Table 5-8 Destination Metrics Message Properties
Table 5-9 Data in the Body of a Destination Metrics Message
Table 5-10 Starter Checklist for the Message Queue Administrator
Table 6-1 Inherited Methods
Table 6-2 SOAP Administered Object Information
Table 6-3 JAXMServlet Methods
Table 6-4 SOAP Faultcode Values
Table A-1 Connection Factory Attributes
Table A-2 Destination Attributes
Table A-3 Endpoint Attributes
Table B-1 Message Queue Client Error Codes

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