Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.2 Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Deploy WAR File with Tomcat

After you install Directory Server Enterprise Edition, the WAR file, dscc.war, is at install path/var/dscc6/.

The dscc.war is installed in the same way as any other web application, except the following settings:

The following example shows how to install DSCC in Tomcat on a Solaris 10 system.

The steps might differ depending on the application server that you use to deploy the WAR file. For information about deploying the WAR file using other application servers, see the respective server documentation.

  1. Initialize the DSCC registry.

    $ install path/dscc6/bin/dsccsetup ads-create
    Choose password for Directory Service Manager:
    Confirm password for Directory Service Manager:
    Creating DSCC registry...
    DSCC Registry has been created successfully
  2. Identify your Tomcat installation and instance.

    $ setenv CATALINA_HOME tomcat-install-path
    $ setenv CATALINA_BASE tomcat-instance-path
    $ setenv JAVA_HOME jdk-home-dir

    For installing Tomcat and creating instances, refer to the Tomcat documentation.

  3. Deploy the WAR file.

    $ mkdir ${CATALINA_BASE}/webapps/dscc
    $ unzip -d ${CATALINA_BASE}/webapps/dscc install path/var/dscc6/dscc.war
    $ vi ${CATALINA_BASE}/conf/web.xml 

    Add the emphasized text in the file as shown below:


    $ ${CATALINA_HOME}/bin/

    Verify the permissions of

  4. Use http://localhost:8080/dscc to connect to DSCC.

    The Directory Service Manager Login page displays.