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StorageTek 4 Gb Fibre Channel ExpressModule HBA, Emulex Documentation

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Setup and Installation

StorageTek 4 Gb FC Dual Port ExpressModule HBA From Emulex Installation Guide For HBA Models SG-XPCIE2FC-EB4-Z and SG-PCIE2FC-EB4-Z  This installation guide describes how to install and configure the StorageTek 4 Gb FC Dual Port ExpressModule HBA from Emulex (part numbers: SG-XPCIE2FC-EB4-Z and SG-PCIE2FC-EB4-Z). This document also describes the supported operating systems, platforms, storage and provides any known issues with the HBA. Download PDF

Important Information

StorageTek 4 Gb FC Dual Port ExpressModule Host Bus Adapter From Emulex Safety and Compliance Guide Compliance Model No. 375-3386-XX  This safety and compliance guide provides safety, regulatory compliance, and declaration of conformity information for the Sun Storage 16 Gb FC PCIe Universal HBA, Emulex. The compliance model number for this product is P005947. Download PDF

Related Information

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