Sun Java System Application Server 7 Update 11 Release Notes

Application Deployment

This section describes the known deployment issues and associated solutions.




On Microsoft Windows, long path names are not supported.

Refer to Installation, Upgrade, and Uninstallation for information on this problem.


Redeploying an EJB module (with MDB) throws a resource conflict exception.

This occurs on Microsoft Windows 2000 using Sun Java System Studio 4 when using message-driven beans (MDBs). If an EJB module contains an MDB that utilizes a specific queue, then re-deploying the same EJB module with the same MDB (utilizing the same Queue) causes a resource conflict. This makes (modified) module un-usable. 




Cannot choose a particular virtual server for deployment.

In this case, two virtual servers are configured with exactly the same host and listener. If an application is deployed only for second virtual server, it cannot be reached because combination host:port leads to the first virtual server. 


The virtual server hostname should not be the same as the original hostname, especially when the same HTTP listener is used. 


Cannott deploy application with user’s Query class in the bean package.

Container-managed persistence (CMP) code-gen does not use the fully qualified name for the JDO Query variable in concreteImpl. If you have a Query class in the same package as the abstract bean, a compilation error occurs.


Move the Query class into another or separate package. 


On Solaris, the Sun Java System Application Server might crash during dynamic reloading.

For a large application (with many enterprise beans), a crash might occur during dynamic reloading of the application. The dynamic reloading feature is used, in the development environment, to quickly test minor changes to an application. The crash is caused by attempting to use more file descriptors than are available. 


  1. Increase the file descriptors limit by adding lines, in this format, to the /etc/system file. Depending on the size of the application, the values can be set higher or lower.

    set rlim_fd_max=8192 set rlim_fd_cur=2048

  2. Reboot the system.