Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.1 2005Q2 Update 2 Administration Guide

Using JConsole

For JConsole to work with the Application Server, security has to be disabled for the JMX connector. The current version of the Application Server (SE/EE edition) has security enabled by default.

ProcedureTo disable security for the JMX Connector

  1. Use the Admin Console to disable security for the JMX Connector. To do this from the Admin Console,

    1. Expand the Node Agent.

    2. Select the Node Agent.

    3. Deselect SSL3 and TLS in JMX tab.

    4. Select Save.

  2. Use asadmin to disable security for the JMX Connector. To do this from a terminal window or command prompt,

    1. Enter this command:

      asadmin set
    2. Restart the domain application server (DAS).

      For the Platform Edition version, the JMX Connector is disabled by default, therefore there is no need to change any configuration for Platform Edition.

  3. Start JConsole and enter the JMX URL, user name, and password on the Advanced tab for logging in. The JMX URL is of the form:

    service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://<your machine name>:<port>/management/rmi-jmx-connector

    NOTE: You can get the exact JMX URL from the admin server.log file if you search for message ADM1501.