Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.1 2005Q2 Update 2 Developer's Guide

Defining Roles

You define roles in the J2EE deployment descriptor file, web.xml, and the corresponding role mappings in the Application Server deployment descriptor file, sun-application.xml (or sun-web.xml for individually deployed web modules).

For more information regarding web.xml elements, see Chapter 13, “Deployment Descriptor,” of the Java Servlet Specification, v2.4. For more information regarding sun-web.xml and sun-application.xml elements, see Appendix A, Deployment Descriptor Files.

Each security-role-mapping element in the sun-application.xml or sun-web.xml file maps a role name permitted by the web application to principals and groups. For example, a sun-web.xml file for an individually deployed web module might contain the following:


Note that the role-name in this example must match the role-name in the security-role element of the corresponding web.xml file.

Note that for J2EE applications (EAR files), all security role mappings for the application modules must be specified in the sun-application.xml file. For individually deployed web modules, the roles are always specified in the sun-web.xml file. A role can be mapped to either specific principals or to groups (or both). The principal or group names used must be valid principals or groups in the current default realm.