Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.1 2005Q2 Update 2 Developer's Guide

J2EE Standard Descriptors

The J2EE platform provides assembly and deployment facilities. These facilities use WAR, JAR, and EAR files as standard packages for components and applications, and XML-based deployment descriptors for customizing parameters.

J2EE standard deployment descriptors are described in the J2EE specification, v1.4. You can find the specification at

To check the correctness of these deployment descriptors prior to deployment, see The Deployment Descriptor Verifier.

The following table shows where to find more information about J2EE standard deployment descriptors.

Table 3–1 J2EE Standard Descriptors

Deployment Descriptor  

Where to Find More Information  


Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition Specification, v1.4, Chapter 8, “Application Assembly and Deployment - J2EE:application XML DTD” 


Java Servlet Specification, v2.4 Chapter 13, “Deployment Descriptor,” and JavaServer Pages Specification, v2.0, Chapter 7, “JSP Pages as XML Documents,” and Chapter 5, “Tag Extensions” 


Enterprise JavaBeans Specification, v2.1, Chapter 16, “Deployment Descriptor” 


Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition Specification, v1.4, Chapter 9, “Application Clients - J2EE:application-client XML DTD” 


Java 2 Enterprise Edition, J2EE Connector Architecture Specification, v1.0, Chapter 10, “Packaging and Deployment.”