Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.1 2005Q2 Update 2 Developer's Guide

Deploying a WAR Module

You deploy a WAR module as described in Tools for Deployment.

You can precompile JSP files during deployment by checking the appropriate box in the Administration Console or by using the --precompilejsp option of the asadmin deploy or asadmin deploydir command. The sun-appserv-deploy and sun-appserv-jspc Ant tasks also allow you to precompile JSP files.

You can keep the generated source for JSP files by adding the -keepgenerated flag to the jsp-config element in sun-web.xml. If you include this property when you deploy the WAR module, the generated source is kept in domain-dir/generated/jsp/j2ee-apps/app-name/module-name if it is in an application or domain-dir/generated/jsp/j2ee-modules/module-name if it is in an individually deployed web module.

For more information about JSP precompilation, see Options for Compiling JSP Files jsp-config.