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Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook 7 2005Q1 Administration Guide 


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Chapter 1   Getting Started
Introduction and Orientation
Administrator’s Process Overview

Chapter 2   Configuring End-User Packages
Processes Tab
User mode
Processes to include in this configuration
Log file settings
Status file settings
Notes (optional)
User Profiles Tab
User profile settings
Converted/upgraded Profile Settings
Created Profile Settings
Option to save profile user password during configuration
User .psts Tab
General Settings for Personal Folder (.pst) Files
Exchange Profile Settings for .psts
IMAP/POP Profile Settings for .psts
Servers Tab
Mail Tab
Incoming Mail (IMAP)
Outgoing Mail (SMTP)
Calendar Tab
Address Book Tab
Single User Tab

Chapter 3   Application Notes for Special Circumstances
“Push” Method Deployment, If End Users Lack Installation Privileges
Step 1: Prepare the Necessary Shared Folders
Step 2: Prepare a Connector for Microsoft Outlook Installation Package to Install the Necessary Software
Step 3: Push the First Sun Java System Installation Package to User Desktops via an SMS Installation Package
Step 4: Prepare a Second Sun Java System Installation Package to Convert Existing Outlook Profiles and Data Files
Step 5: Push the Second Sun Java System Installation Package to User Desktops via an SMS Installation Package
Command-Line Switches for the User Installation Package
Migrating Terminal Service Users from Exchange to the Sun Java System
Step 1: Prepare the Server
Step 2: Create an Appropriate Desktop Installation Package
Step 3: Update the User’s Desktop
To Designate Microsoft Outlook as a User’s Default E-mail Client
To Remove a Sun Synchronization Program from a User’s Workstation
Undoing (Reversing) a User’s Migration
Recovering from a User’s Removal of LDAP Services from Outlook



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