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Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q1 Delegated Administrator Guide 


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Before You Read This Book
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Typographic Conventions
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Command Line Prompts
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Chapter 1   Delegated Administrator Overview
Delegated Administrator Utility
Delegated Administrator Console
Delegated Administrator and the LDAP Directory
Scenarios for Provisioning Users
One-Tiered Hierarchy
Two-Tiered Hierarchy
Three-Tiered Hierarchy
Administrator Roles and the Directory Hierarchy
Directory Structure Supporting a One-Tiered Hierarchy
One-Tiered Hierarchy: Default Organization Under the Root Suffix
One-Tiered Hierarchy: Default Organization at the Root Suffix
Directory Structure Supporting a Two-Tiered Hierarchy
Top-Level Administrator Role
Organization Administrator Role
For Former Users of iPlanet Delegated Administrator
Service Packages
Class-of-Service Definitions
Limitations in Viewing an Extended Service Package
Class-of-Service Templates
Default Class-of-Service Template
Sample Class-of-Service Templates
Creating Your Own Service Packages
Sample Service Package Assigned to an LDAP User Entry
Location of Class-of-Service Definitions and Packages
Mail Service Levels in the Sample Class-of-Service Templates

Chapter 2   Planning for Installation and Configuration
Gather Your Delegated Administrator Configuration Information
Delegated Administrator Components
Web Containers
Configuration Information
Run the Java Enterprise System Installer
Run the Directory Server Setup Script
Consolidating ACIs in the Directory
Configure Delegated Administrator
Configure Messaging Server and Calendar Server

Chapter 3   Configuring Delegated Administrator
Choose Which Components to Configure
Run the Configuration Program
Starting the Configuration
Configuring the Delegated Administrator Utility
Configuring the Delegated Administrator Console
Web Server Configuration
Application Server 7.x Configuration
Application Server 8.x Configuration
Configuring the Delegated Administrator Server
Completing the Configuration
Restarting the Web Container
Configuration and Log Files Created by the config-commda Program
Configuration Files
Log Files
Perform Silent Installation
Run Delegated Administrator Console and Utility
Launching the Console
Running the Command-Line Utility
Post-Configuration Tasks
Add Mail and Calendar Services to the Default Domain
Create Service Packages
Predefined Class-of-Service Templates
Creating Your Own Service Packages
Add ACIs for Schema 2 Compatibility Mode

Chapter 4   Customizing Delegated Administrator
Configuring the Preferred Mail Host Using the Service-Wide Default
Adding Plug-ins for Delegated Administrator
Enabling the Plug-Ins
Plug-In Format
Additional Flat File Required for Two Plug-Ins
Customizing the User Log-In
How the User Log-In Value Is Set
Adding a User Log-In Value

Chapter 5   Command Line Utilities
Execution Modes
Command File Format
Command Descriptions
Mandatory commadmin Options
commadmin admin add
commadmin admin remove
commadmin admin search
commadmin domain create
commadmin domain delete
commadmin domain modify
commadmin domain purge
commadmin domain search
commadmin group create
commadmin group delete
commadmin group modify
commadmin group search
commadmin resource create
Creating a Resource
commadmin resource delete
commadmin resource modify
commadmin resource search
commadmin user create
commadmin user delete
commadmin user modify
commadmin user search

Appendix A   Service Provider Administrator and Service Provider Organizations
Service Provider Administrator
Service Provider Administrator Role
Assigning the SPA Role to a User
Considerations for This Release
Organizations Managed by the Service Provider Administrator
Provider Organization
Full Organization
Shared Organization
Creating a Provider Organization and Service Provider Administrator
Entries Created by the Template
Nodes in the Sample Installed Custom Service-Provider Template
Information Needed to Create a Provider Organization, Subordinate Organization, and SPA
Parameters Defining the Provider and Subordinate Organization
Parameters Defining the SPA
Steps for Creating a Provider Organization and Service Provider Administrator
Custom Service-Provider Template
da.provider.skeleton.ldif File (Relevant Sections)
Sample Service-Provider Organization Data
Organizations Provided by the Sample Data
Logical Hierarchy and the Directory Information Tree
Sample Organization Data: Directory Information Tree View

Appendix B   Attribute Values and Calendar Time Zones
Attribute Values
Calendar Time Zone Strings

Appendix C   Debugging Delegated Administrator
Debugging the Command-Line Utilities
Delegated Administrator Console Log
Delegated Administrator Server Log
Web Container Server Logs
Web Server
Application Server 7.x
Application Server 8.x
Directory Server and Access Manager Logs
Directory Server
Access Manager

Appendix D   ACI Consolidation
Consolidating and Removing ACIs
replacement.acis.ldif File
Steps for Replacing ACIs
Before You Begin
Replacing ACIs
Eliminating Dynamic Organization ACIs
Analysis of the Existing ACIs
Root Suffix
Access Manager
Top-level Help Desk Admin Role
Top-level Policy Admin Role
AM Self
AM Anonymous
AM Deny Write Access
AM Container Admin Role
Organization Help Desk
AM Organization Admin Role
AM Miscellaneous
Messaging Server
Analysis of How ACIs Are Consolidated
Original Anonymous Access Rights
Consolidated Anonymous Access Rights
Original Self Acis
Consolidated Self Acis
Original Messaging Server ACIs
Consolidated Messaging Server ACIs
Original Organization Admin ACIs
Consolidated Organization Admin ACIs
List of Unused ACIs to be Discarded
Top-level Help Desk Admin Role
Top-level Policy Admin Role
Access Manager Anonymous
Access Manager Deny Write Access
Access Manager Container Admin Role
Organization Help Desk
Access Manager Miscellaneous



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