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Sun Java System Communications Express 6 2005Q1 Administration Guide 


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Chapter 1   Overview of Communications Express
System Requirements
Software Dependencies
Product Features
High-Level Architecture
FAQ’s on Deployment

Chapter 2   Installing and Configuring Communications Express
Installing Communications Express from Java Enterprise System Installer
Prerequisites for Configuring Communications Express
Schema Choices
Upgrading Communications Express
Invoking Configuration Tool
Configuring Communications Express
Post Configuration Instructions
Unconfiguring Communications Express
Communications Express File Directory Layout

Chapter 3   Configuration Details
Communications Express Configuration Files
Configuration Parameter Details
Configuring the Messenger Express Parameters in File
Configuring Directory Server Related Parameters for Sun Java System LDAP Schema v.1 in File
Configuring Identity Server Parameters in File
Configuring User Lookup Parameters for User/Group in File
Configuring the Calendar Server Parameters in File
Configuring the Address Book Personal Store Parameters in file
Configuring Corporate Directory Parameters File
Configuring Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
Supporting Horizontal Scalability of Addressbook Server
Setting the psRoot Value Automatically

Chapter 4   Implementing Single Sign-On
Setting up Identity Server Single Sign-On
Setting up Messaging Single Sign-On

Chapter 5   Troubleshooting
Identifying and Troubleshooting the Problem
Troubleshooting Commonly Identified Problems
Configuring Communications Express
Accessing Calendar
Accessing Address Book
Accessing Mail
Authenticating using Identity Server
Log Files

Chapter 6   Configuring the Hosted Domains
Enabling Hosted Domains
Enabling Hosted Domain Configuration in Calendar
Provisioning Hosted Domain in Mail
Enabling Hosted Domain Configuration in Address Book
Setting Hosted Domains
Creating Hosted Domain
Configuring Parameters for Hosted Domain
Configuring Parameters in file
Configuring the file
Configuring defaultps.xml file
Customizing the Global GUI
Configuring Languages in File

Chapter 7   Migrating PAB Data to Addressbook Server
Migration Scenarios
Dynamic Migration
Batch Migration
Post Configuration Steps
Additional Configuration Required for Horizontal Scalability Support
Migration Deployment Scenarios

Chapter 8   Tuning and Performance Information
Tuning Directory Server
Indexing the LDAP Directory Server
Setting the nsSizeLimit and nsLookthroughLimit Parameters
Tuning Calendar Server
Using Load Balancing Across Multiple CPU
Tuning Web Server
Setting the value of acceptorthreads
Setting JVM Options
Tuning Communications Express

Appendix A   Enabling or Disabling Identity Server Post Deployment
Appendix B   Configuration Panel Sequence
Appendix C   Installing Communications Express without Messaging Server and using a Single Tree Structure
Two Tree Names Space Mechanism
How the Two-tree Namespace Mechanism Works
Why Two Directory Information Trees?
How to Map an Existing DIT to the Dual Tree Namespace?

Appendix D   Configuration Parameters Reference
Application-Wide Parameters in and File file file file file



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