About this Manual

This manual provides maintenance and troubleshooting information for the GT Graphics Subsystem . This manual is intended for Sun Field Service Engineers, third party service companies, and customers who wish to do their own maintenance.

The information in this manual covers the following components, which consistute the GT Graphics Subsystem:

This manual does not cover troubleshooting or replacement of the system unit, which is documented elsewhere.

How to Use This Manual

The document is organized as follows:

    Chapter 1 provides an overview of the GT Graphics Subsystem to the board level.

    Chapter 2 describes how to isolate problems with the GT Graphics Subsystem to the FRU level.

    Chapter 3 describes the diagnostics available for testing the GT Graphics Subsystem and how to run the internal self test and SunDiag diagnostics.

    Chapter 4 describes how to replace the field-replaceable units.

    Chapter 5 provides the periodic service procedure, which consists of cleaning or replacing the Graphics Tower air filter.

    Chapter 6 contains an illustrated parts breakdown of the GT Graphics Subsystem assemblies.

    Appendix A provides interconnect diagrams for the Graphics Tower printed circuit boards, showing jumper, connector, and test point locations. The appendix also contains a power supply wiring diagram.

    Glossary contains a glossary of terms and acronyms used in this manual.

Applicable Documents

The following manuals contain topics that may be of interest to the service person:

Description Part Number Sun Deskside Expansion Unit Regulatory Compliance 800-5730
Manual Hardware Installation Manual for the GT Graphics 800-5258
Subsystem SunDiag User's Guide 800-3818 GT Standalone Diagnostics Manual 800-6310 SPARCstation 2 Installation Guide 800-5701

Typographical Conventions

This manual uses a number of typographical conventions:

      When you press the switch, the power goes on.

      Configuration successfully completed.

    This font is also used to represent the lowercase SunOS commands, such as:

      Use the stty command.

    In addition, it is used within text instructions to indicate characters or words that you type. For example:

      At the prompt, type stty.

Notes, Cautions and Warnings

Warning -

This equipment contains lethal voltage. Accidental contact can result in serious injury or death.

Caution -

Improper handling by unqualified personnel can cause serious damage to this equipment. Unqualified personnel who tamper with this equipment may be held liable for any resultant damage to the equipment.

Individuals who remove any outer panels to access this equipment must observe all safety precautions and ensure compliance with skill level requirements, certification, and all applicable local and national laws.

Procedures contained in this document must be performed by qualified service-trained maintenance providers.

Note - Before you begin, carefully read each of the procedures in this manual. If you have not performed similar operations on comparable equipment, do not attempt to perform these procedures.