FORTRAN 77 Language Reference

Appendix D VMS Language Extensions

This chapter describes the VMS language extensions that Sun Fortran 77 supports. These extensions are all, of course, nonstandard. @


This FORTRAN compiler includes the VMS extensions to make it as easy as possible to port FORTRAN programs from VMS environments to Solaris environments. The compiler provides almost complete compatibility with VMS FORTRAN. These extensions are included in dbx as well as f77.

VMS Language Features in Sun Fortran

This list is a summary of the VMS features that are included in f77. Details are elsewhere in this manual.

The above statement is treated as follows:

	X = A ** (-B) 

VMS Features Requiring -xl or -vax=spec

You get most VMS features automatically without any special options. For a few of them, however, you must add the -xl option on the f77 command line.

In general, you need this -xl option if a source statement can be interpreted for either a VMS way of behavior or an f77 way of behavior, and you want the VMS way of behavior. The -xl option forces the compiler to interpret it as VMS FORTRAN.

Note also the --vax=spec option, which allows specification of these VMS extensions individually. See the Fortran User's Guide for details.

Summary of Features That Require -xl[d]

You must use -xl[d] to access the following features:

Details of Features That Require -xl[d]

Here are the details:

Unsupported VMS FORTRAN

Most VMS FORTRAN extensions are incorporated into the f77 compiler. The compiler writes messages to standard error for any unsupported statements in the source file. The following is a list of the few VMS statements that are not supported.