FORTRAN 77 Language Reference


The NAMELIST statement contains a group name and other items.

Group Name

The group name is used in the namelist-directed I/O statement to identify the list of variables or arrays that are to be read or written. This name is used by namelist-directed I/O statements instead of an input/output list. The group name must be unique, and identifies a list whose items can be read or written.

A group of variables can be defined through several NAMELIST statements with the same group name. Together, these definitions are taken as defining one NAMELIST group.

Namelist Items

The namelist items can be of any data type. The items in the namelist can be variables or arrays, and can appear in more than one namelist. Only the items specified in the namelist can be read or written in namelist-directed I/O, but it is not necessary to specify data in the input record for every item of the namelist.

The order of the items in the namelist controls the order in which the values are written in namelist-directed output. The items in the input record can be in any order.