Sun WorkShop TeamWare 2.1 User's Guide

Converting an RCS Project to Sun Workshop TeamWare

rcs2ws is a program that produces a Configuring workspace from an RCS source hierarchy. It converts a project developed in RCS (Revision Control System) and works its way down through the hierarchy to convert the RCS files to SCCS.

rcs2ws operates on RCS files under the parent directory and converts them to SCCS files, then puts the resulting SCCS files into a workspace. If a workspace doesn't already exist, it will be created. The parent directory hierarchy is unaffected by rcs2ws.

rcs2ws searches directories recursively.

To convert files, rcs2ws invokes the RCS co command and the SCCS admin, get and delta commands. These commands will be found using your PATH variable. If rcs2ws cannot find the SCCS commands, it looks for them in the /usr/ccs/bin directory.

rcs2ws does not convert RCS keywords to SCCS keywords. Keywords are treated as text in the SCCS delta.

Using rcs2ws

To use rcs2ws:

  1. Type rcs2ws -p [parent_dir] -n [files | directory] at the prompt.

    The -p option is required to name the RCS source hierarch.

    The -n option allows you to see what would be done without actually doing anything.

Relative file names are interpreted as being relative to parent_dir.

The CODEMGR_WS environment variable contains the name of a user's default workspace. This workspace is automatically used if the -w option is not specified. If you wish to designate the child workspace, use the -w option. See man rcs2ws(1).

If the current directory is contained within a workspace, the containing workspace is used as the child workspace. If workspace does not exist, rcs2ws creates it.

Note -

Use the "." directory to specify that every RCS file under parent_dir should be converted.

When all is as you wish, go on to Step 2.

  1. Type the rcs2ws command using only the -p option.

    Normally, SCCS gets (g-files) are extracted after the files are converted from RCS. If you want to halt the process, do the conversion using the -g option. (rcs2ws -g)