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1.  Introduction to Sun WorkShop TeamWare

What Sun WorkShop TeamWare Does
Basic Concepts
Why Use Sun WorkShop TeamWare?
Parent and Child Workspaces
Source Code Control System (SCCS)
Sun WorkShop TeamWare Models
The Copy-Modify-Merge Model
The Team-Project Model
Working With Sun WorkShop TeamWare
Sun WorkShop TeamWare Scenarios
Joining an Existing Team
Setting Up a Sun WorkShop TeamWare Environment

2.  Managing Workspaces

Starting Configuring
Creating a Parent Workspace
Creating an Empty Workspace
Creating Child Workspaces
Propagating Changes Across Workspaces
Updating a Child Workspace (Bringover Update)
Putting Back Changes to a Parent Workspace
Undoing Changes to a Workspace
Renaming or Moving Workspaces
Deleting or Reconverting Workspaces
Deleting a Workspace
Reconverting a Workspace
Viewing Workspace History
Changing the Workspace History Viewer Display

3.  Advanced Workspace Management

Using Bringover/Putback Options
Setting Options During a Bringover/Putback
Setting Tool Property Options
Creating Customized Bringover/Putback File Lists
Saving a Default List of Files
Generating a Customized List of Files
Notifying Users of Transactions
Giving a Workspace a Descriptive Name
Reparenting a Workspace
Reasons to Change a Workspace's Parent
Ways to Reparent Workspaces
A Reparenting Example
Customizing Configuring Using Tool Properties
Configuring Environment Variables
Loading Workspaces Automatically
Setting Focus for Command-Line Commands
Setting a Search Path
Converting From an RCS Project

4.  Controlling Workspace Access

Specifying Permissions
Specifying Global Permissions
Specifying Group or Individual Permissions
Protecting Workspaces With Putback Validation
Turning On Putback Validation
Invoking Your Own Putback Validation Program
Removing Workspace Locks

5.  Managing Files

Starting Versioning
Adding Files to a Workspace
Checking Out a File
Editing a File
Changing Your Default Editor
Checking In a File
Reversing Changes to a File
Integrating Changes By Putting Back Files

6.  Resolving Differences Between Files

Starting Merging
Starting Merging From the TeamWare Menu
Starting Merging From the Resolve Tab
Viewing the Merging Window
Resolving Conflicts in a Workspace
Reading Merging Glyphs
Loading Files Into Merging
Resolving Differences
Using Automatic Merging
Automerging Rules Summary
Undoing Changes
Merging Options
Merging Example
Examining Differences

7.  Advanced File Management

Updating the Files in Your Workspace
Viewing File History
File History Window
How To Read a File's History: Deltas, Branches and Versions
Renaming, Moving, or Deleting Files
Renaming or Moving Files
Deleting Files
Deleting a Sun WorkShop TeamWare File
Creating a Customized Menu
Adding a Path to the Load Menu
Changing Versioning Properties
Setting SCCS File Properties

8.  Using Freezepointing

Introduction to Freezepointing
How Freezepointing Works
Creation Defined
Extraction Defined
Source Workspace
Destination Directory
Starting Freezepointing
Creating a Freezepoint File
Updating a Freezepoint File
Extracting Files
Automatically Generating Freezepoints
Reading Freezepoint Files Format

9.  Building Programs in Sun WorkShop TeamWare

Building Window
Building WorkShop Targets
Sun WorkShop Targets
User Makefile Targets
Building a Program
Building With Default Values
Specifying Your Own Build Values
Editing an Existing WorkShop Target
Collecting Build Output
Saving Build Output
Removing a WorkShop Target
Customizing a Build
Specifying Build Options
Using Makefile Macros
Using Environment Variables
Fixing Build Errors
Displaying the Source of an Error
Fixing an Error
Exiting Building

10.  Using the dmake Utility

Basic Concepts
Configuration Files
The dmake Host
The Build Server
Understanding the dmake Utility
Impact of the dmake Utility on Makefiles
Using Makefile Templates
Building Targets Concurrently
Limitations on Makefiles
Concurrent File Modification
Concurrent Library Update
Multiple Targets
Restricting Parallelism
Nested Invocations of Distributed Make
Using the dmake Utility

11.  Sun WorkShop TeamWare Shortcuts

Accessing TeamWare From the Command Line
Configuring Commands
Versioning Commands
Merging Commands
Freezepoint Commands
GUI Shortcuts
Double-Click Actions in Configuring
Double-Click Actions in Versioning

12.  Sun WorkShop TeamWare Architecture

Workspace Metadata Directory
Configuring Defaults Files
The access_control File
How Configuring Merges Files
Merging Files That Do Not Conflict
Merging Files That Conflict
How Merging Tracks Deltas
About SCCS Mergeable IDs
Why SMIDs are Necessary
SMID/SID Translation

A.  Error and Warning Messages

Error Messages
Warning Messages



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