GNOME 2.0 Desktop for the Solaris Operating Environment Installation Guide

Downloading the Installer

You must download the installer that is appropriate for your platform. See Installers for Different Platforms for more information. You download the installer as a single file.

To Download the Installer

Perform the following steps to download the installer for the GNOME 2.0 desktop:

  1. Perform the instructions in Before You Begin.

  2. Ensure that you have enough disk space for the download and the installation, see System Requirements.

  3. Decide which directory you want to download the installer into. Because you have to install the desktop as root, the download directory must be accessible by root.

  4. View the following web page in your browser:

  5. Click on the Download Now link for the required installer in the Download section of the page.

  6. Log in if you are an existing download user, or go to the registration page if you are a new user.

  7. Read the Terms of Use page, select Accept, then click Continue.

  8. In the Download page, click on the description of the tarball that you want to download.

  9. Download the tar file for the installer from the Sun Download Center to a root-accessible directory.

To Unpack the Installer

Perform the following steps to unpack the installer:

  1. Use the cd command to change into the directory where you downloaded the tar file for the installer.

  2. Depending on your system platform, execute one of the following commands to unpack the installer:

    SPARC Architecture Edition: 

    gunzip -c gnome-2_0-fcs-solaris8-sparc.tar.gz | tar xvpf -

    gunzip -c gnome-2_0-fcs-solaris9-sparc.tar.gz | tar xvpf -

    x86 Architecture Edition:  

    gunzip -c gnome-2_0-fcs-solaris8-x86.tar.gz | tar xvpf -

    gunzip -c gnome-2_0-fcs-solaris9-x86.tar.gz | tar xvpf -

  3. When the installer is fully unpacked, you can delete the downloaded file to free up disk space. Use one of the following commands:

    SPARC Architecture Edition: 

    rm gnome-2_0-fcs-solaris8-sparc.tar.gz

    rm gnome-2_0-fcs-solaris9-sparc.tar.gz

    x86 Architecture Edition:  

    rm gnome-2_0-fcs-solaris8-x86.tar.gz

    rm gnome-2_0-fcs-solaris9-x86.tar.gz