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iPlanet Meta-Directory 5.0 Installation Guide


About This Guide

What You Are Expected to Know
The iPlanet Meta-Directory Documentation Set
Organization Of This Guide
Documentation Conventions
Typographic Conventions
Where to Find Additional Information

Chapter 1 Preparing For Installation
Meta-Directory Components
Netscape Server Core Components
iPlanet Administration Services
Meta-Directory Join Engine
Meta-Directory Universal Connector
Meta-Directory Console
Meta-Directory Windows NT Domain Connector
Meta-Directory Active Directory Connector
Meta-Directory Database Connector
System Requirements for Solaris Systems
Hardware Requirements
Software Requirements
System Requirements for Windows NT Systems
Hardware Requirements
Software Requirements
Installation Privileges
Required Installation Information
Standard Deployment Sequence

Chapter 2 Installing iPlanet Meta-Directory On Solaris Systems
Patch Installation
Recommended Patch Cluster Solaris version 2.6
Recommended Patch Cluster Solaris version 8
Verifying Patch Installation
The Solaris Installation Process

Chapter 3 Installing iPlanet Meta-Directory On Windows NT Systems
Windows NT Installation Process

Chapter 4 Silent Installation
The install.inf File
General Directives
Base Directives
Admin Directives
Component Directives
Creating an install.inf File
Creating an install.inf file on Windows NT
Using the install.inf File
Changes On The install.inf File
Installing with the install.inf File
Examples of install.inf Files
Solaris install.inf File Example
Windows NT install.inf File Sample

Chapter 5 Removing iPlanet Meta-Directory
Removal Procedure for Solaris Systems
Removal Procedure for Windows NT Systems
Meta-Directory's Uninstall Utility
Windows NT Add/Remove Control Panel

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