Sun Patch Manager 2.0 Administration Guide for the Solaris 9 Operating System

ProcedureHow to Remove Patches From Your System (Web Browser)

Caution – Caution –

Do not remove the Sun Patch Manager 2.0 WBEM patch (117680-01 for x86 and 117679-01 for SPARC) from a system, or Patch Manager will not work properly.

  1. Access the Patch Manager browser interface.

    See How to Access the Sun Patch Manager Browser Interface (Web Browser).

  2. Click the Applied Patches tab to access the Applied Patches page.

    Shows the Applied Patches page.
  3. (Optional) Click the icon next to the More Actions drop-down menu to show all applied patches on a single page.

  4. Select the checkbox next to the patches that you want to remove.

    Note that some patches cannot be removed by Patch Manager because they were applied as a part of a Solaris release or because they were applied without preserving backout information. If the patch entry does not have a checkbox next to it, you cannot use Patch Manager to remove the patch.

  5. Click Remove to remove the patches you selected.

    The patches are removed. The progress is indicated on the page.

    When the job completes, the following information appears:

    • Patches that you selected

    • Patches that are also removed due to dependencies

    • Patches that are successfully removed

    • Errors that occurred while removing patches

  6. Click Back to Applied Patches to view the list of applied patches.