Solaris Express Installation Guide: Network-Based Installations

Copying the WAN Boot CGI Program to the WAN Boot Server

The wanboot-cgi program creates the data streams that transmit the following files from the WAN boot server to the client.

The wanboot-cgi program is installed on the system when you install the current Solaris release software. To enable the WAN boot server to use this program, copy this program to the cgi-bin directory of the WAN boot server.

ProcedureTo Copy the wanboot-cgi Program to the WAN Boot Server

  1. Become superuser or assume an equivalent role on the WAN boot server.

  2. Copy the wanboot-cgi program to the WAN boot server.

    # cp /usr/lib/inet/wanboot/wanboot-cgi /WAN-server-root/cgi-bin/wanboot-cgi

    Specifies the root directory of the web server software on the WAN boot server

  3. On the WAN boot server, change the permissions of the CGI program to 755.

    # chmod 755 /WAN-server-root/cgi-bin/wanboot-cgi
Continuing the WAN Boot Installation

After you copy the WAN boot CGI program to the WAN boot server, you can optionally set up a logging server. For instructions, see (Optional) To Configure the WAN Boot Logging Server.

If you do not want to set up a separate logging server, see (Optional) Protecting Data by Using HTTPS for instructions about how to set up the security features of a WAN boot installation.

See Also

For overview information about the wanboot-cgi program, see What Is WAN Boot?.