Solaris Express Installation Guide: Custom JumpStart and Advanced Installations

For Background Information

The following references provide background information about packaging requirements and specific command syntax.

For more specific information about packaging requirements and definitions of terminology 

Chapter 6, Advanced Techniques for Creating Packages, in Application Packaging Developer’s Guide

For basic information about adding and removing packages and the installation administration file 

Chapter 17, Managing Software (Overview), in System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

For detailed information about specific commands that are referenced in this appendix, see these man pages 

dircmp(1), fssnap(1M), ps(1), or truss(1) pkgadd(1M), pkgchk(1M), or pkgrm(1M)

For an overview of Solaris Live Upgrade 

Chapter 2, Solaris Live Upgrade (Overview), in Solaris Express Installation Guide: Solaris Live Upgrade and Upgrade Planning

For an overview of custom JumpStart 

Chapter 2, Custom JumpStart (Overview)

For an overview of Solaris Zones 

Chapter 16, Introduction to Solaris Zones, in System Administration Guide: Solaris Containers-Resource Management and Solaris Zones