Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 Site Preparation Guide

Ensure Port 162 is not in Use

N1 System Manager requires exclusive use of port 162 for SNMP trap notifications. To determine if port 162 is assigned to any process, proceed as follows:

ProcedureTo Determine Whether Port 162 is in use

  1. Log in as root on the management server.

  2. Type grep 162 /etc/services to determine whether port 162 has been assigned to a process.

    • If only the command prompt is returned, then port 162 has not been assigned to a process. No further action is required.

    • If port 162 is assigned to a process on the management server, then results similar to the following are displayed:

      • Solaris:

        # grep 162 /etc/services
        snmpd     162/udp    daemon name     #daemon description
      • Linux

        # grep 162 /etc/services
        snmp    162/TCP   #Simple Net Mgmt Proto
        snmp    162/UDP   #Simple Net Mgmt Proto

      You must disable the daemon or application that is using port 162. To disable a daemon, refer to the operating system documentation. To disable an application that is using the port, refer to the application documentation.

Next Steps

Enable FTP on the management server as described in the next section.