Solaris Trusted Extensions Transition Guide

Privileges in Trusted Extensions

Privileges in Trusted Extensions are coded to correspond to their Solaris counterparts. Privileges in Solaris software are implemented differently from privileges in previous Trusted Solaris releases.

For correspondences between Trusted Solaris privileges and Trusted Extensions privileges, see Table 1 in Appendix A, Interface Changes in the Solaris Trusted Extensions Release, Table 10, and New Interfaces in Trusted Extensions Software. For a complete list of privileges, see the privileges(5) man page.

The Solaris Trusted Extensions release adds the following privileges:

The Trusted Solaris command runpd has been replaced by the Solaris ppriv -d command. For details, see the ppriv(1) man page. For examples, see How to Determine Which Privileges a Program Requires in System Administration Guide: Security Services.