Solaris Trusted Extensions Transition Guide

Printing in Trusted Extensions

Trusted Extensions supports both single-level and multilevel printing. Multilevel printing is implemented in the global zone only. The global zone must have its own IP address to be a multilevel print service. To use the global zone's print server, a labeled zone must have a separate IP address from the global zone.

Only multilevel printers have a label range. A printer's label range can be restricted with the Device Allocation Manager.

In Trusted Solaris releases, banner and trailer pages were enabled by default. In Trusted Extensions, administrators run a printer model script to add banner and trailer pages with security information to a printer.

lpadmin -p printer -m printer-model-script

Trusted Extensions adds four printer model scripts: tsol_standard, tsol_netstandard, tsol_standard_foomatic, and tsol_netstandard_foomatic.