Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 Installation Guide

ProcedureHow to Verify That the Daemons Are Running on the Execution Hosts

  1. Log in to the execution hosts on which you ran the execution host installation procedure.

  2. Verify that the daemons are running.

    • On BSD-based UNIX systems, type the following command.

      % ps -ax | grep sge
    • On systems running a UNIX System 5--based operating system (such as the Solaris Operating System), type the following command.

      % ps -ef | grep sge
  3. Verify the daemons are running by looking for the sge_execd string in the output.

    Specifically, you should see that the sge_execd daemon is running.

    • On a BSD-based UNIX system, you should see output such as the following example.

      14688 p1 S <    4:27  /gridware/sge/bin/solaris/sge_execd
    • On a UNIX System 5-based system, such as the Solaris Operating System, you should see output such as the following example.

      root 171 1 0 Jun 22 ? 7:11 /gridware/sge/bin/solaris/sge_execd
  4. If you do not see similar output, restart the daemon.

    # sge-root/cell/common/sgeexecd  start
  5. Continue the verification process.

    After you have verified that the master host and the execution host daemons are running, continue the verification process. See How to Run Simple Commands.